Our Happy Clients

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Veronica Herwick
Salt lake city, Utah

At 5 months birthday Teddy weighed 10 pounds. Teddy is very playful loves being tickled on his stomach as he likes sleeping on his back lays on his back, Our 8 year old son doesn’t seem to get enough of him. Thank you guys so much this bundle of joy.

Emilia Lubrecia
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Our new girl Daisy is the perfect fit for my husband and I. She’s absolutely beautiful. The striped markings on her coat are adorable . . . and attractive. She’s very playful and inquisitive. She has brought light into our life. Thank you!!!!!

Erica Domingo
Amarillo, Texas

I got my Maine Coon From Maine Coon Kittens in January. When I first got him he didn't seem to be friendly. The first night I had him sleep on a pillow next to me and separate him from my dogs. The following day he didn't want to leave my sight. Every morning is play time for Bovi. FAMILY MAINE COON kittens gave me a lot of information on feeding and grooming, as well as introducing Bovi to my other dogs. They have always been available for any questions I had. I wish I could get 10 more! Keep up with the good work

Jonathan Smith
Miami, Florida

We received Lucy at Miami airport 3 days ago. We were a little concerned about the flight, but everything turned just fine, Thanks to Family Maine Coons Kittens. As soon as I saw Lucy I knew that she was unique. Not only is she beautiful , she has an amazing composure and personality. She slept on my lap on my lap for the long 2hr drive, she wanted to be petted, and by time we got home she was sleeping right on my lap. We were already friends. Thanks Family Maine Coons Kittens, it's so exciting to have a new family member.

Annie Lewington
Baltimore, Md

I recently got my kitten Freddy from Family Maine Coons Kittens . He is a brown classic tabby. This has been an overwhelming addition to our home. I highly recommend Family maine coon kittens to anyone desiring a warm, loving and affectionate family pet family. It’s the least I can do to tell you guys how thankful I am.

Annabel Lawson
Houston, Texas

Betty is not only adorable but super sweet and a superb companion. She fits right in perfectly. She loves giving kisses and face rubs almost every time which I love a lot. She is really enthusiastic and boy does she ever love to play. It is so much fun to watch her interact with our Child and they all best friends. They love to take turns chasing each other through the house.

Frank and Dorothy Tulsa,Oklahoma

Immediately we made up our minds on getting a Maine Coon, we reached out to Family Maine coon kittens, based on recommendation from my sister. We reached out to them and they let us know which was available. Their response and to our questions on getting our kitten helped us a great deal in getting Our boy integrate into our home. For that we rate you 5 stars say thank you so very much.

Sandra Gretchen
Columbus, OH

I got my hairy baby girl from Family maine coon kitten, I couldn't be happier with the experience and advise the gave me on grooming since it was my first time owning a Mc. You guys made it pretty easy for a newbie like me! Thank you much love