We Pay special attention to the dietary need of our cats

At Family Maine Coon kittens, we give special attention to the dietary need of our cats to ensure the grow and remain healthy throughout their live, we ensure every meal served is balanced and contains proteins(chicken, meat or fish) vitamins( fruits), carbohydrate ( wet/dry food) and fats ( Wet/ dry food).

0- 4 weeks

Breast Milk

From 0- 4 weeks, Our Maine Coon Kittens  rely strictly on their mothers milk usually every 2 to 3 hours to give the the nutrients they need to grow  usually every. Weaning starts when they are 5 weeks old

6 weeks – 6 months                           

Free Feed

From 6weeks – 6 months they are fed 4 times daily with wet/dry food while paying close attention to their weight and dietary needs

6 to 10months

Adult Cats

From 6 to10 months they are fed 3 daily, Breakfast , Launch and Diner, above 10months they are fed twice daily,. At this stage your cat will let you know what quantity is enough per interval

In Feeding Our Maine coons we pay close attention to their weight to ensure they are not over or under fed. Maine coons normally reach their full size between the ages of 3 to 5 years, Full adult male wight between 15 to 25 lbs while females weigh between 11 to 20lbs. 

  • From 0 – 1 Month, we ensure our kittens weigh between 90g-2lbs
  • From 2- 6months your maine coon should weigh between 2-9lbs
  • From 6 – 10 months your maine coon should weigh between 9 -13 lbs
  • Between 10months – 1 year your Maine coon should weigh between 12 -14lbs
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We introduce our cats to bathing whilst they are still kittens, We bath our Maine coons bi-weekly, that is twice monthly with the use of a cat shampoo, in order to keep their coat neat and healthy. Bathing is also a great way of loosening tangled hair, removing dander and dirt, and reducing our cat’s fur shedding rate. During bath we ensure to check their eyes and ears and clean respectively



We brush the fur of our cats daily with the use of a soft bristle brush to keep their coat and skin clean and healthy and get our cats accustomed to this grooming activity.
With the use of a pair of scissors to cut the fur on the their paws in order to keep the from growing too long and cause difficulty in movements. from time The fur on the paws can become long and bothersome to the cat. 


Paw Care

We always look out for hair that may grow too long around the Paws and cut with a pair of scissors, leaving the hair may cause difficulty in walking. With the use of a special cat claw clipper, we clip the claws of cats monthly